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“Sky to Screen” Geospatial Services

Keddal Aerial Mapping, located in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, provides full-service, high-quality, cost-effective aerial photogrammetric and related geospatial services for projects throughout the Eastern and Midwestern United States. Our customers include numerous professional service firms, industrial/commercial and mining companies, educational and research institutions/organizations, and state and local government agencies. At our Pittsburgh office and through our parent company, Kucera International Inc. of Willoughby, Ohio, we have a staff of highly experienced photogrammetric/geomatic professionals and the latest generation of proven aerial sensing, mapping, and geospatial processing/conversion technologies.

Our Services

We provide a complete range of aerial mapping technologies and services including:
  • Digital aerial photography
  • Digital oblique photography
  • Aerial LiDAR surveying
  • Airborne & ground GPS surveying
  • Digital orthophotography
  • Digital terrain & surface modeling
  • Digital planimetric & topographic mapping
  • Aerial volumetric surveys
  • Land use & cadastral mapping
  • GIS/CAD conversion/support

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1121 Boyce Road
Suite 3100
Pittsburgh, PA 15241
Phone: 724.942.2881
Fax: 724.942.2885


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